Hi, I'm Kimberly!

... full time Firefighter/AEMT and proud police wife. Which just means my life stays kinda crazy!

My husband and I reside in a little town called Bloomingdale, GA where we live with our 4 "kids". We have a Shepsky Faith who is 9 and is our little princess. She thinks she runs the house but we let her believe it sometimes. Next we have Saint, the golden retriever, who is our golden child (no pun intended) and his best friend and brother Chubbs, a pittie mix. Then there is our newest addition Luke, a rescued 91lbs German Sheppard who is nothing more than a needy lap dog.

We live a pretty busy life but spend most of our free time riding four-wheelers or fishing and hunting. When I do find some time alone, I love being curled up in a big chair, comfy pajamas and a good book *COHO fan for life here!* There's no better feeling than to disappear for hours into a good book!

I enjoy life's simple things. Spending time with my husband fishing, laying in a hammock soaking in the fresh air. After losing my mom a few years ago, I realized just how much pictures can mean to someone. She was always my biggest supporter and was the reason I got into photography.

I never imagined 10 years ago when I was given my first "big girl" camera, that I would've had the opportunity to make such an impact in so many lives. Owning my own photography business is one of the biggest highlights of my life

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